Steinbeis Research Center Surface Engineering


  • Applied research projects
  • Advice on all issues relating to surface technology
  • Measuring (geometry, hardness incl. nano hardness; roughness testing incl. surface roughness; REM incl. EDX analysis)
  • Expert reports on wear, surface and production technology, and materials technology
  • Production of plastic parts using injection molding for prototyping, incl. simulation
  • Seminars on above topics upon request
  • Plasma CVD coating machine (plasma electronics)
  • Universal hardness testing machine (KB-Prüftechnik)
  • Nanoindenter and Calo tester (CSM)
  • Desktop scanning electron microscope (incl. EDX; Phenom)
  • Digital microscope (Keyence)
  • White light interferometer (FRT)
  • Roughness meter (Hommel)
  • Layer thickness gauge (Fischer)
  • Measuring device (Zeiss)
  • Tensile testing device (Test)
  • Notched impact bending measurement device
  • Modern CNC turning
  • Modern CNC milling machine including zero point clamping system, magnetic clamping plate, vacuum clamping plate and high-speed-spindle, including high-speed-spindle (DMG)
  • Air blast equipment
  • Grinding shop (30 l, PerfectFinish)
  •  Diamond smoothening tool (Baublies)
  • Gas shielded welding device
  • Industrial robot (ABB)
  • Plastic injection molding machine (Arburg)
  • Simulation (MoldFlow)
  • All conventional CAD programs used in mechanical engineering
  • 3D printer (Dimension)
  • 3D scanner (Minolta + Creaform)
  • mobile measuring arm (faro)

Key Areas

  • CVD coating using DLC layering
  • Surface assessment with respect to roughness and topography
  • Design of adapted surfaces (wear protection and topography)
  • Production technology consulting
  • Automotive markets
  • Medical technology
  • Furniture industry

Project Examples

  • Reduction of wear in carbide circular knives, incl. design
  • Avoidance of corrosion on carbide circular knives
  • Assessment of damage and wear for several customers
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Skagerrakstraße 2, D-79100 Freiburg
Phone: +49 761 4702775
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Schlatter
(Stand: 07/05/2023)

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