Steinbeis Transfer Center Oldenburger Münsterland Region


The Steinbeis Transfer Center Oldenburger Münsterland helps companies and organizations in the area access the complete spectrum of services offered by the Steinbeis Foundation. Our Steinbeis experts are at hand to provide the following services.


  • General consulting
    • Support with:
      • Structuring of problems
      • Business startups
      • Filing applications for funding programs
      • Making use of scientific findings
    • Procurement of:
      • Contacts for company cooperations
      • Contacts to research and development facilities
      • Business information
  • Technology consulting by experts
    • Analysis of problems and proposal of solutions in the following areas:
      • All areas of technology
      • Business administration
      • Design
    • Evaluation of technologies and markets
    • Product searches and making use of ideas
    • Diversification strategies
  • Applied research and development
    • Selection and definition of R&D projects
    • Planning and management of project cycles
    • Running R&D projects on behalf or companies


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

  • Solid as a Rock (Transfer 2/2016)
    Steinbeis helps a facade construction company with the development of a permanent anchorage system
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Windallee 2, D-49377 Vechta
Phone: +49 4441 92182-7
Management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hermann Blanke
(Stand: 04/01/2021)

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