Steinbeis Transfer Center Local Renewable Energy Systems


    • Consulting on project management for solar power Equipment
    • Yield assessments
    • Performance measurement of solar modules
    • Analysis and optimization of operating parameters of existing solar power equipment

    • Consulting on the development and introduction of products and services in the fields of smart grids, smart meters and smart homes
    • Investigation into the impact of decentralized energy input sources on the distribution Network
    • Load measurement on low-voltage transformers
    • Network Simulation
    • Integration of local solar power forecasts in network control rooms

Key Areas

  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy industry
  • Energy data management
  • Smart grids, smart meters, smart homes
  • Network integration of decentralized power systems
  • Energy meteorology

Project Examples

    • Determination of solar power potential of public buildings as a basis for decision-making for renting out rooftops or self-use
    • Quality testing of solar panel equipment (appearance, precise power measurement, electro luminescence, thermography)
    • Field measurement in new solar power equipment (IV curves, thermography, analysis of operating data)
    • Technical and financial assessment of a cleaning system for solar energy equipment
    • Consulting on product development and market launch of smart meters
    • Analysis of impact of large proportions of solar power on distribution networks
    • Load measurement involving low-voltage transformers (simultaneous measurement of 10 three-phase discharges in intervals of seconds)
    • Fitting of a test installation for communication between solar equipment in a distribution network based on IEC 61850
    • Use of weather satellites to introduce solar power forecasts to a network control center in a local distribution network
    • Assessment of energy financials of decentralized input of solar electricity


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