Steinbeis Transfer Center Artifical Intelligence


  • Identification of AI-based business processes at companies
  • Analysis of company data with regard to new digital value creation opportunities
  • Support and consulting on the introduction of AI methods
  • Advisory services for decision-makers on the use of AI within companies

Key Areas

    • General consulting services for companies in the field of artificial intelligence
    • Training courses and workshops in the field of artificial intelligence
    • Expertise in the field of data-centric and digital value creation processes
    • Knowledge-sharing with industry involving new AI methods

    Project Examples

    • Introduction of new AI-based processes to companies, e.g. the introduction of AI algorithms in the field of production monitoring or long-term customer retention
    • Training in the field of AI for companies, e.g. A Short Introduction to AI or special topics such as AI in Production
    • Support for business decision-makers on the topic of artificial intelligence
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    Moltkestr. 30, D-76133 Karlsruhe
    Phone: +49 170 5045346
    Management: Prof. Dr. Patrick Baier
    (Stand: 12/18/2020)

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