Steinbeis TIB Technologiebewertung und Innovationsberatung GmbH i. L.


Steinbeis TIB GmbH is an expert in the field of IP management. Our target customers are companies, research institutions and private trademark owners.

Key Areas

  • Trademark evaluation/expert reports
    • Assessment of patents, brands and registered designs
    • Patent/market analysis
  • Portfolio management
    • Patent monitoring and administration
    • Support with patent registrations until national adoption
  • Strategic consulting
    • Portfolio optimization
    • Patent development strategies
  • Technology transfer
    • Technology searches


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

There'll be no piles of sediment here! (Transfer 2/2011)
Steinbeis evaluates the licensing potential of a patented current redirection wall
Terra Truck - the commercial truck of the future (Transfer 4/2010)
New vehicle eases the burden on local delivery traffic
70% of perpetrators come from within the ranks of the company (Transfer 1/2010)
Steinbeis TIB evaluates patents from numerous areas of technology

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Kienestraße 35, D-70174 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711-1839-5
Management: Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. August Musch
(Stand: 09/22/2020)

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