Steinbeis Transfer Center Drive and Handling Technology in Mechanical Engineering


  • Development, Construction, Calculation and Research Services
  • Special Planes, test-bench and antetype set-up
  • Feasibility study

Key Areas

  • Industrial consulting
  • Literature and patent research
  • Patenting
  • Development of novel functional principles, process technologies, and testing procedures
  • Design in the field of mechanical engineering using Autodesk Inventor
  • Project planning and introduction of drive and control systems
  • Deformation and stress analysis of solid objects using FEM
  • Simulation of flow properties using CFD
  • Component, assembly, and machine optimization
  • Application of thermographic technology, high-speed technology, and measurement technology
  • Use of composite materials
  • Instruction and staff training with a focus on using the Autodesk Inventor CAD system

Steinbeis Media

Steinbeis Transfer magazine

Sunshades and sustainability (Transfer 3/2019)
A team of Steinbeis experts are working on the development of a method for selecting sun protection solutions
Editorial (Transfer 4/2014)
The perfect wind up (Transfer 2/2014)
Steinbeis Center develops winding unit for fragile materials
Cooled to perfection (Transfer 4/2013)
Mobile climate control
The key to increasing productivity (Transfer 4/2012)
Developing specialized machinery
Innovative Surface Treatment (Transfer 4/2011)
Sandblasting Systems
A high-pressure environment (Transfer 3/2011)
Flat clinching with pneumatic impact cylinders
Using compressed air to save energy (Transfer 1/2009)
Less compressed air consumption during plastic blow molding
Clean - without compromising quality (Transfer 2/2008)
A cleaning system for CNC turned parts

Yearbook Steinbeis Foundation´s Transfer Award – Löhn Award

Machines are His Passion (Löhn Award 2012)
Innovative Bending Machine for Induction Conductors Used in Large-scale Generators (Löhn Award 2010)

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Phone: +49 371 5347-385
Fax: +49 371 5347-354
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Köhler
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mario Köhler
(Stand: 10/21/2019)

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