Steinbeis Consulting Center Association Management


  • Consulting of clubs and associations
  • Keynote speeches and guest talks on selected topics
  • Workshop moderation
  • Seminar and staff training on demand
  • In-house training courses and seminars tailored to individual associations

Key Areas

  • Strategic orientation of associations (mission, vision, strategic goals, guiding principles)
  • Member orientation (member recruitment and retention, member surveys)
  • Offerings/service portfolios (matching of association services to members, innovation)
  • Brand development and brand management (fine-tuning of association imagery, brand identity development)
  • Digital technology (process optimization, development of digital services and digital business models)
  • Change management (realignment of association organization, overhaul of committee structures and the management model)

Project Examples

  • Consulting assignments (one-off and ongoing)
  • Keynote speeches at meetings of members and delegates
  • Tailor-made workshops for clubs and associations
  • Seminars for full-time and voluntary managers of associations
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Schumannstraße 23a, D-60325 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 69 74306966
Management: Prof. Dr. Marcus Stumpf
(Stand: 07/22/2024)

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