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The Steinbeis Consulting Center Corporate Foresight focuses on strategic consulting for companies in their geopolitical environment. Risks and opportunities, interactions and interrelationships are presented and aligned with the specific corporate environment. The Consulting Center focuses on the respective decision-makers at the top of the company. The activities of the Consulting Center focus on the following key areas:

  • companies in the field of tension of geopolitical issues
  • corporate sovereignty in terms of resilience
  • political environment of companies in Germany, Europe and the world - synchronization of political and economic decision-making processes
  • early recognition of trends and proactive action

In its practical work, the Steinbeis Consulting Center relies on a network of contacts from business, politics and society. It offers one-on-one consulting for CEOs, strategy seminars at the board level, and speaking events to executives. The practical work is synchronized by project-related cooperation with leading consultancies, specialists and decision-makers.

Key Areas

  • Corporate foresight
  • Geopolitical advice
  • Resilience

Project Examples

  • China strategy of a DAX company
  • Establishment of a network in preparation for decoupling for pharmaceutical companies
  • Strategic realignment for leading entrepreneur network in Germany


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Bopserwaldstrasse 64/1, D-70184 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 4595977
Management: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. (UVV) Werner Faix
Dr. Andrej Heinke
(Stand: 12/01/2022)

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