Steinbeis Innovation Center Material Development


  • Material development, analysis, simulation and testing of Fe and non-ferrous alloys, WC hard materials, polymer matrix composites, organic and inorganic binders
  • Research on efficient manufacturing technologies
  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Analysis and documentation
  • Realization of functional models
  • Planning of transfer services

Key Areas

  • Metallic, organic and inorganic-non-metallic material systems
  • Research into the production, processing, refinement and recycling of materials
  • Material, product and process developments for healthy, energy and resource-efficient material cycles

Project Examples

  • Binders for woodchips based on 100% renewable raw materials
  • Compounding, process technology and recycling of polymer composites (e.g. PP with mineral particles or recycled FRP)
  • Special insulating materials (e.g. vacuum insulation panels)
  • Alternatives to Portland cement (e.g. phosphate cements)
  • Functional fiber reinforced concrete elements
  • Field activated sintering of WC and WC-Co
  • Hard metals in manufacturing and drilling technology
  • Joining and cutting techniques for metals and hard materials
  • Shaping of PET blanks using infrared technology


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

  • Clean and Safe (Transfer 3/2022)
    Steinbeis experts curb dangers posed to humans thanks to an innovative silo cleaning system
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Friedeburger Str. 8c, D-09599 Freiberg
Phone: +49 160 6949978
Management: Dr.-Ing. Kristin Mandel
(Stand: 07/25/2023)

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