Steinbeis Transfer Center Infrastructure Management in Transportation


  • Concept planning, development, and the introduction/implementation of maintenance management systems for traffic areas
  • Strategic development of transportation networks and supervision of planning assignments
  • Life cycle analysis/life cycle cost calculation
  • Expert advice on issues relating to asset management in road networks and transportation
  • Expert advice on the introduction of building information monitoring (BIM)
  • Expert advice on issues relating to requests for quotations for fact-finding projects and assessments, as well as the prioritization of maintenance programs and financial requirement forecasting
  • Expert advice on issues relating to the planning, construction, maintenance, and operation of traffic facilities
  • Organizational consultation for road construction administration departments and companies
  • Training courses/staff training on specialist topics

Key Areas

  • Systematic preservation of municipal transport infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance of air traffic areas
  • Assessment of condition of traffic installations
  • Operative and strategic maintenance planning
  • Road planning, issues related to development planning
  • Quality management systems used in road planning/road construction

Project Examples

  • Scientific advisory services on concept development and the setting up of a civil engineering infrastructure management system in Münster (under contract for TBA Münster)
  • Concept development for a maintenance management system for the state of Berlin; preparations for a request for quotations for EMS software and implementation quality controls (client: Berlin senate administration)
  • Drafting of a road development plan for the county of Calw (client: Calw County)
  • Evaluation of preparatory testing for the introduction of planning approval procedures relating to a planned freeway junction for the regional airport of Baden Airpark (client: Rastatt district office)
  • Preparation for a request for quotations and quality assurance on the monitoring and assessment of the quality of traffic areas in the city of Baden-Baden; preparation of maintenance planning (client: municipality of Baden-Baden).
  • Preparation for a request for quotations and quality assurance on the monitoring and assessment of the quality of roads in the state capital of Wiesbaden; consultation on future organization of maintenance management (client: regional state capital of Wiesbaden)
  • Consulting services on improving access to the intermunicipal industrial area of Haiterbach/Waldachtal (client: municipality of Haiterbach)
  • Scientific advisory services on the development of a climate protection concept focusing on “bicycle journeys in Rhine-Neckar County, the city of Mannheim, and the city of Heidelberg” (client: Rhein-Neckar County)
  • Involvement in the development of a software concept for the systematic maintenance of municipal traffic areas (client: Heller Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Darmstadt)
  • R&D project: data and methods for systematic maintenance management of urban roads; involvement in subcontract of SEP Maerschalk, Munich
  • Determination of financial requirements and planning of maintenance concepts for county roads (client: County of Sigmaringen; Heller Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH)
  • Determination of medium-term financial requirements for local communities, incl. Wiesbaden, Munich, Bielefeld, and Siegen (client: Heller Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH)
  • Various consulting services in the field of road construction, maintenance management, and sidewalk management in traffic areas

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