Steinbeis Transfer Center Finite Element Simulation, Model Order Reduction and Design Optimization


  • Multiphysical finite element simulation
  • Model order reduction
  • System-level simulation
  • Design optimization via parameter and topology optimization
  • Consulting and training in simulation software

Key Areas

  • Microsystems engineering
  • Mechatronic systems
  • Microelectronics

Project Examples

  • Efficient electro-thermo-mechanical simulations based on compact models
  • Reliability analysis in microelectronics
  • Design optimization of energy harvesters
  • Active and passive thermal management
  • Electromagnetic field analyses
  • Computational fluid mechanics
  • Contact mechanics
  • Modal analysis
  • Implantable medical devices
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Friedrich-Paffrath-Straße 101, D-26389 Wilhelmshaven
Phone: +49 4421 985-2564
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara Bechtold
(Stand: 09/30/2022)

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