Steinbeis Transfer Center Thermal Analysis


  • In-situ analysis of phase transformations in metallic materials, especially steels, aluminium alloys and other light metal alloys
  • Dilatometry, calorimetry, very wide range of heating and cooling rates, related analysis of material microstructures.
  • Laboratory investigations and consultations on heat treatment processes and other manufacturing processes involving heat treatment (casting, hot forming, welding, additive manufacturing)

Key Areas

  • Automotive engineering, railway carriage construction, aircraft construction, shipbuilding and supplier companies
  • Power engineering, wind turbines, hydrogen economy
  • Biomedical engineering, implants
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Grüner Winkel 8, D-18211 Retschow
Phone: +49 176 96036923
Management: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Olaf Keßler
(Stand: 06/04/2022)

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