Steinbeis Transfer Center (Composite) Electroplating


  • Development and characterization of chemical and electroplated composite layers
  • Applied research and development on colloid chemistry aspects related to (electroless) composite plating
  • Consulting on the application of (electroless) composite coatings
  • Selected application measurements

Key Areas

  • Development of new dispersoid / binding matrix combinations and parameter evaluation
  • Optimization of existing processes with regard to process stability, economic efficiency, layer quality (achievement of defined or maximum particle incorporation fractions)
  • Functionalization of dispersoids to improve chemical stability in the electrolyte, wetting behaviour, dispersion stability (prevention of agglomerate formation) and incorporation behaviour (optimization of e.g. riding layer thickness, incorporation fraction and layer structure)
  • Development of new and optimization of existing (electroless) electrolytes
  • Measurement of particle size distribution (optical and via laser diffraction), contact angle and specific surface area (via Kr-BET)

Project Examples

  • Optimization of the incorporation behavior of dispersoids in electroless nickel layers
  • Functionalization of dispersoids to increase the particle fraction
  • Functionalization of dispersoids for defined structured co-deposition
  • Development of strategies to increase material efficiency in composite plating processes
  • Development of strategies for extension of service life in composite plating processes
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Beethovenstraße 1, D-73430 Aalen
Phone: +49 7361 5761762
Management: Prof. Dr. Timo Sörgel
(Stand: 06/30/2021)

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