Steinbeis Innovation Center IKOME


  • Research in the field of public participation and participation opportunities
  • Scientific support of participation processes and structural change
  • Scientific support of personnel development measures
  • Development and support of conflict management projects
  • Conflict research

Key Areas

  • Conflict management
  • Public participation
  • The green energy transition and structural change
  • International conflict research

    Project Examples

    • Development and implementation of a blended learning training concept for international mediators in cooperation with international partners
    • Scientific support for participation processes
    • Inter-religious conflict counseling – scientific support
    • Study on cross-border inheritance mediation in Europe
    • Pilot study on the development of online consulting and online mediation
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    Hohe Str. 11, D-04107 Leipzig
    Phone: +49 341 22541350
    Management: Prof. Dr. habil. Gernot Barth
    Jonathan Barth, B.Eng.
    (Stand: 09/20/2021)

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