Steinbeis Consulting Center Drive Systems


  • Consulting and training on drive systems

Key Areas

  • Efficiency optimization involving drive systems
  • Analysis of the vibration and noise production of drive systems
  • Design of helical, bevel, worm, and planetary gear units
  • Optimization of gearboxes with regard to load capacity, noise, and efficiency
  • Analysis of damage to machine elements
  • Development of calculation software for machine elements
  • Consulting on the optimization of gearbox production
  • Training courses on gearbox design

Project Examples

  • Training courses on gear design, the design of gearing corrections, and vibration and noise production
  • Design of a wheel hub drive for an electric vehicle
  • Optimization of gearing corrections involving an industrial gearbox
  • Development of a digital twin for gear manufacturing
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Prittwitzstr. 10, D-89075 Ulm
Phone: +49 731 5028068
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Bihr
(Stand: 02/16/2021)

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