Steinbeis Transfer Center Applied Digital Technology (STADT)


    • Development of digital twins for turbomachinery, combustion engines, and fuel cells
    • Digitalization of the design process for combustion engines and exhaust gas purification systems
    • Model-based representation and design of complex products and systems
    • Development and implementation of applications and algorithms for automating the design process of complex products and systems
    • Automation of commercial processes in the wholesale and retail trade using robotic process automation
    • Consulting, training, and courses in the fields of design process digitalization and real-time simulation development

    Key Areas

    • Methods and processes of digital product and system design
    • Algorithms for automating product design
    • Real-time physical simulations
    • Model-based system design and system optimization
    • Robotic process automation

    Project Examples

      • Development of an application for automatically designing and optimizing exhaust gas purification systems
      • Real time-enabled digital twin of an internal combustion engine
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      Burgstockstr. 54/1, D-88339 Bad Waldsee
      Phone: +49 7524 9158137
      Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Samuel Vogel
      (Stand: 03/11/2021)

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