Steinbeis Transfer Center Materials Engineering and Damage Analysis


    • Consulting in material specific tasks and evaluation of damages
    • Material testing an materialographic examinations
    • Expertise reports and benchmarking
    • Research and development in applied material science
    • Courses in material science and damage analysis

    Key Areas

    • Static and dynamic testing: Determination of mechanical properties and fatigue behavior
    • Damage analysis: Investigation of damage causes including instrumental analyses and fractography
    • Microstructure analysis by means of light optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy
    • Non-destructive testing by penetration (PT), X-Ray (RT) and ultrasonic testing (UT) as well as magnetic particle inspection (MT)
    • Fracture mechanical characterization of brittle materials and composites
    • Corrosion and environmental testing of metals and coating systems
    • Projects in material and process development: material synthesis, heat treatment, testing methods

    Project Examples

    • Damage analysis of metallic components in automotive and engineering applications
    • Development of test methods in dynamic and fracture mechanical testing of polymer composites
    • Investigation of ageing and damage mechanisms under thermal, cyclic or corrosive loads
    • Correlation of microstructure and properties of metals and metal-ceramic composites
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      Prittwitzstraße 10, D-89075 Ulm
      Phone: +49 731 50-28667
      Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Häger
      (Stand: 10/27/2023)

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