Steinbeis Research Center ClimateDNA


  • Provide state-of-the-art climate risk assessments and communicate those risks to relevant stakeholders
  • Provide reliable weather and crop forecasts on strategic time scales

Key Areas

  • Climate change impact assessments
  • Climate and weather extreme assessments
  • Climate and weather predictions
  • Crop forecasts
  • Forecast based financing in the agricultural sector

Project Examples

  • First generic software tool to do data-driven forecasts of meteorological variables (e.g. monsoonal rain, extreme heat) and agricultural variables (e.g. expected harvest losses, drought) at relevant lead times. The flexibility of this tool fosters the co-design of early warning systems with stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The first prototype has been successfully applied to several case studies
  • 4 year climate services project with major insurance company on hurricane risks in Florida
  • Real-time online tool to detect and forecast atmospheric conditions linked to extreme weather

Further Contact Persons

Project Managers:

  • Dr. Marlene Kretschmer
  • Dr. Dim Coumou
  • Dr. Kai Kornhuber
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Dickhardtstr. 37, D-12161 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 78097935
Management: Dr. Dim Coumou
Dr. Christoph Gornott
(Stand: 02/09/2021)

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