Steinbeis Research Center Flow analysis


  • Experimental and numerical analysis (CFD) of fluid flow processes in mechanical, process and environmental engineering
  • Consulting in the field of modelling and physical fundamentals of flow problems
  • Development of simulation tools including graphical user interfaces
  • Consulting in the field of experiments and measurements in machines and apparatus
  • Consulting in the optimization of flow problems

Key Areas

    • Flow visualization and measurement in gases and liquids in various applications
    • Numerical simulation of flow problems (computational fluid dynamics, CFD)
    • Consulting experimental / numerical in fluid dynamics

    Project Examples

    • Dispersion and transport of aerosols (e.g. Covid) in rooms and buildings
    • Visualization of foam formation in electrolyzers
    • Analysis of mixing processes
    • Analysis of saturation processes in filters
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    Am Lünink 3, D-45239 Essen
    Management: Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Burgmann
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Janoske
    (Stand: 09/05/2022)

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