Steinbeis Consulting Center Human, Health, Technology


  • Interdisciplinary consulting, developing, and accompanying of innovation and future-oriented projects with empowerment strategies for practical implementation including funding advice (e.g. mathematical-analytical studies on feasibility, measurement of non-ionising radiation, process design, programming, data analysis)
  • Professional training and continued education in healthy, sustainable human-technology interaction combined with social innovation for companies, public institutions as well as 1:1 with individuals (offline and online seminars, lectures, and workshops)
  • Development and implementation of socially relevant projects by connecting various (scientific) disciplines: biology, mathematics, chemistry and computer science; measurement engineering; communication science; psychology; sociology; media sciences; music and art
  • Design, acquisition, and realisation of applied (international) research projects at the interplay of people, health, and sustainable technology with special consideration of neurodiversity and sustainable technology

Key Areas

  • Human-technology interaction
  • Applied research and development concerning people, health and technology considering neurodiversity and non-ionising radiation
  • Shaping and designing tailor-made spaces to live and precisely fitting environments for people with neurodiversity (e.g. supported by HF and NF measurement technology)
  • Well-founded, scientifically sound, international research consulting and knowledge transfer.
  • Social innovation, digital inclusion  

Project Examples

  • Knowledge transfer (computer simulation and modelling) in cooperation with the University of Cambridge, UK funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
  • Consulting a GPs surgery to develop and implement efficient digital processes and to create spaces for people with specific perceptions of their environment and special sensory processing
  • Innovation projects on app development together with a company specialised in high and low frequency measurement technology
  • Workshops with international representatives from companies, cities, public institutions, colleges and universities
  • Research projects on the sustainable development of European cities and regions: “„Smart EcoDigital Cities and Regions – challenges and solutions for a sustainable future“
  • Market research and proof of concept developments for innovations in the realm of digital inclusion in collaboration with the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg (DHBW)


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Management: Dr. Judith Rommel
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