Steinbeis Consulting Center Circular Economy


  • Company analysis of strenghts & weaknesses
  • Project management and concept implementation
  • Alignment of the business model with the UN “Sustainable Development Goals”
  • "Circular test bed" - the circulation check for your existing products and services
  • Material-flow cost analysis (MFCA)

Key Areas

The services offered are directed towards producing SME’s as well as service companies whose activities involve a significant environmental impact:

  • Circular economy solutions
  • Circular solutions with regards to substances, raw materials, and products
  • Material cost savings through closing of material loops
  • Identify and realize material efficiency gains
  • Map and optimise waste streams

Project Examples

  • Production process analysis and optimization based on the 5 principles of “continuous improvement”
  • Develop a reverse logistics concept for an electronic device at the end of the battery life-cycle for exchange and refurbishment of the product
  • Stabilize production and inspection processes at a OEM supplier to secure production ramp-up


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Quellenstraße 7a, D-70376 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 151 5678 8748
Management: Dr. Christoph Soukup
(Stand: 07/18/2022)

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