Steinbeis Consulting Center Academy of the Energy Sector


    The Academy of the Energy Sector does not work exclusively project-based, but is committed to continuously working on relevant energy industry issues. In doing so, we seek a close exchange with all stakeholders from the energy industry (companies, authorities, science and politics).

    • Training program for managers and next-generation management based on the Steinbeis project competence degree (PCD)
    • Individual training courses
    • Certification courses based on academic standards (in partnership with the Steinbeis+ Akademie)
    • Academic degrees (in partnership with the School of Management and Technology, a Steinbeis Transfer Institute)
    • Placement in a project with a partner company
    • Coaching

    Key Areas

    • Business information technology
    • Business management
    • Business engineering
    • Business administration
    • Sustainability management
    • Sustainability reporting
    • Cybersecurity, hazard analysis and critical infrastructure
    • Energy industry
    • Energy markets, network management and regulation

    Combine the further education, Diploma of Basic Studies (DBS) of the Steinbeis+ Academy, with a Master of Business Engineering of the Steinbeis University.


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    Gottlieb-Manz-Str. 12, D-70794 Filderstadt
    Phone: +49 711 440808-0
    Management: Dr.-Ing. Peter Schupp
    Dr. Christian Schweizer
    (Stand: 03/29/2021)

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