Steinbeis Transfer Center Traffic Engineering.Simulation.Software


  • Consulting / Advisory Services / Training
  • Technical calculations
  • Research and development; modeling, simulation, and optimization studies
  • Endurance strength and fatigue life analysis of dynamically loaded components
  • Software development
  • Our products
    • winEVA: computer program for analyzing consumption and vehicle performance
    • winLIFE: computer program for analyzing endurance strength / fatigue life
    • winADAM: measuring system for recording driving routes and cycles

Key Areas

  • Simulation of processes in powertrains
  • Simulation and development of new types of powertrain systems
  • Development of test rig control systems based on real driving routes
  • Prediction of fuel consumption and service life
  • Generation of load spectra for powertrain components
  • Application programming for scientific calculation and data management
  • Fatigue life analysis of dynamically and multiaxially dynamically loaded components
  • Static and fatigue strength verification (duration, time or endurance strength verification) according to FKM guidelines; fast fatigue strength verification based on permutations of load cases
  • Fatigue life analysis of dynamically loaded gears and bearings; nominal stress method
  • Crack propagation calculations based on nominal stress
  • Fatigue life calculation with stochastic excitation (PSD)
  • Fast, interface-independent 3D pre- and post-processor for visualization winLIFE results

Project Examples

  • Reduction of fuel consumption with sufficient driving performance of commercial vehicles by optimizing the powertrain and its components using computer simulation
  • Optimization of a coupling in terms of service life
  • VASOP Voith powertrain optimization program
  • Fatigue life analysis of weld seams  on crane vehicles, including suggested enhancements
  • Fatigue life analysis of chassis systems on military vehicles, including suggestions for upgrading components
  • Evaluation of measurements taken on strain gauges in order to define a representative load spectrum for vehicle components


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