Steinbeis Transfer Center Linguistic Data Analysis


  • Research and consulting in deep linguistic and computational linguistic annotation and analysis of multilingual text data
  • Solution of complex application problems with methods in linguistics and computational linguistics
  • Development of prototypes for linguistic annotation and analysis
  • Compact courses in the field of linguistics and computational linguistics

Key Areas

  • Annotation and analysis of multilingual text data
  • Computational linguistic applications
  • Consulting and coaching

Project Examples

  • A company asks for a prototype which automatically processes the transcripts of all meetings and analyses them regarding patterns of inequality.
  • A DFG-funded, theoretical linguistic project needs support in data curation, adjustment to corpus standards and in the choice of computational linguistic models for processing their data.
  • A software company wants to offer a course in computational linguistics for their employees. 
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Daisendorfer Str. 32, D-88709 Meersburg
Phone: +49 7532 3139918
Management: Dr. Annette Hautli-Janisz
(Stand: 07/01/2020)

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