Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute Heilbronn


TThe Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute Heilbronn (FSTI HN) is a transfer-oriented research institution and part of the Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Gesellschaft (FSG). Its focus lies on digital transformation and autonomization. Located on the Heilbronn education campus, the FSTI HN works with a variety of partners on interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects with the aim of developing specific solutions for business and society in general. Against this backdrop, the FSTI HN helps drive the implementation of digital transformation across multiple sectors of industry by drawing on the tried-and-tested Micro Testbed methodology. The resulting new collaborations between science and academia on the one hand and industry on the other are provided with scientific support and the methods, concepts, and recommendations that are derived from these models add value to the local economy. The FSTI HN is currently setting up an Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Academy on Heilbronn education campus, the first of its kind in a German-speaking country. To provide a basis for teaching and staff training, IIC artefacts are used. The academy organizes events aimed at raising international awareness by leveraging the global reach of the IIC. Activities organized by the FSTI HN on Heilbronn education campus are sponsored by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.


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Bildungscampus 9, D-74076 Heilbronn
Phone: +49 7131 3824-808
E-mail: SU2278@stw.de
Management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Köhnlein
Prof. Dr. habil. Heiner Lasi
(Stand: 04/01/2021)

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