Steinbeis Transfer Center Image Processing and Measurement Technology


  • Research and Development in the below listed key areas
  • Consulting
  • Expert‘s report
  • Seminars and courses in the below named key areas

Key Areas

  • Image Processing
    • Development of algorithms to allow an automatic image evaluation
    • Design of algorithms to improve image quality
  • Measurement and sensor technology
    • Conception of measurement systems
    • Design of automated measurement methods
    • Development of algorithms to allow an automatic data evaluation
  • Medical Engineering
    • Computer assisted diagnosis from medical image and measurement data
    • Evaluation of electrical and non-electrical signals to derive the diagnosis
    • Support in the development of devices
  • Human-machine-interfaces
    • Design of intuitive user interfaces
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Development of electronic circuits

Project Examples

  • Automatic evaluation of ultrasound images to derive an accurate diagnosis
  • Development of medical measurement systems to monitor vital parameters
  • Development of a sensor system to monitor the well being of drivers
  • Automatic evaluation of images and measurement data to enable autonomous driving
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Meckenloher Weg 44, D-91154 Roth
Phone: +49 152 03545062
Management: Prof. Dr. Katrin Skerl

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