Steinbeis Consulting Center Communication, Safety and Security


  • Consulting on communication topics, especially crisis communication
  • Supervision during communication crises, including on site
  • Drafting of risk assessments for business enterprises, also on behalf of private individuals with a high public profile
  • Consulting and supervision of individuals and companies in threatening situations, also prophylactically
  • Training for people responsible for communications
  • Development of communication and safety concept

Hermann Karpf

The director of this Steinbeis Consulting Center worked as a senior police official for more than 30 years, for 15 years of which he served as a press spokesman and the head of PR for one of the biggest police authorities in Germany. He can safely be called an “old school” media expert.

He has many years of experience in a broad variety of departmental functions relating to high-profile police operations. He is particularly interested in crime prevention, with an emphasis on fostering a sense of security among the general public. This includes risk analysis for business enterprises, especially on behalf of people in the public eye who are possibly exposed to threats. Experts describe his book  „Polizei und Medien" (“Police and the Media”) as an acknowledged manual of guidelines and motivation, not only for police officials but also for journalists.

Between May 2006 and entering retirement at the end of 2018, Hermann Karpf was personal assistant to the most senior state official (burgomaster) for law, security, and order in the state capital of Stuttgart.

Karpf also worked for many years training journalists. Since 1998, he has been developing project communication concepts for companies and private individuals in the public eye, with a particular focus on crisis communications.

Key Areas

  • Communications, especially crisis communication
  • Communication and safety concepts
  • Advisory services and supervision of risk scenarios, also prophylactically
  • Training for people responsible for communications
  • Crisis management
  • Risk analysis
  • Writing of crisis manuals

Project Examples

    • Training people in charge of crisis situations (media and security)
    • Setting up and implementation of crisis management
    • Development of crisis manuals
    • Risk and threat analysis
    • Penetration testing
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    Luisenstraße 37, D-70188 Stuttgart
    Phone: +49 711 282422
    Management: Hermann Karpf
    (Stand: 12/02/2019)

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