Graduate School of Leadership & Management


The purpose of the enterprise is to support the interests of science and research, promote schooling, and foster public education and vocational training, also through student support. The Articles of Association are fulfilled by running a private, state-approved university with an educational and research focus on technology, management, and business. Within this context, the enterprise conducts independently selected research projects, collaborative research, and contractual research. The results this produces are made freely available to the general public. Research is carried out through internal human resources or through the Steinbeis Network with other scientific institutions.

Assuming activities adhere to Sect. 52 Par. 2 Item 1 of procedural rules dictating non-profit activities and the funding of science and research, the company may become involved in related fields and engage in business matching the purpose of the enterprise. It may also enter into shareholdings with other companies with the same or similar purpose of enterprise.


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Ernst-Augustin-Straße 15, D-12489 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 863206270
Management: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. (UVV) Werner Faix
Prof. Dr. phil. Stefanie Kisgen
(Stand: 06/17/2020)

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