Steinbeis Transfer Center jn.scientific


  • Measurement of optical radiation
  • Analysis of potential eye hazards caused by optical radiation
  • Development of scientific software
  • Development of controller-based hardware solutions

Key Areas

  • Measurement of optical radiation (UV, VIS, NIR)
  • Eye safety
  • Scientific software
  • Development of controller-based software and hardware

Project Examples

  • Development of the Silix lambda spectroradiometer for X-rays ranging from 2 keV to 20 keV
  • Measurement and analysis of potential eye hazards from NIR headlamps
  • GPS based location-dependent generation of low light level test patterns on a head-up display
  • Development of a high luminance light source with PC-controlled brightness and aperture
  • Measurement and analysis of potential eye hazards from plasma radiation during laser machining
  • Development of an Android app for the measurement of chromaticity
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Beim Blümle 4, D-73457 Essingen
Phone: +49 7365 919166
Management: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Nolting
(Stand: 04/21/2022)

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