Steinbeis Transfer Center Logistics and Supply Chain Management


    • Consulting, moderation, and coaching
    • Analysis, evaluation, concept development, planning, and optimization
    • Practice-oriented, applied research and development
    • Scientific studies and expert reports
    • Training sessions, workshops, and speeches
    • Project management
    • Implementation planning and support with change management
    • Business games and simulations

    Key Areas

    • Commercial advisory services with a focus on small and medium-sized companies, including
      • Digital transformation and innovation
      • Lean management
      • Resource efficiency and sustainability
      • Potential analyses and technology assessments
      • Analysis of organization and processes (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
      • Concept and scenario planning
    • Strategic business planning, including
      • Definition of corporate goals
      • Strategy planning
      • Implementation and action planning
    • Supply chain management, including
      • Site analyses and development of production and distribution network strategies
      • Optimization of the supply chain from procurement to production and distribution including the order fulfillment process
    • Logistics and production management, including
      • Warehouse and factory planning for new buildings, conversions, and extensions
      • Planning of logistics systems and material flow optimization
      • Design of production and assembly systems
      • Lean production and lean logistics
      • Flexibility enhancements and modularization
    • Games-based business simulations focusing on business, logistics, and manufacturing processes

    Project Examples

      • Evaluation of company-wide warehouse centralization options
      • Restructuring and expansion of logistical activities on a central production and global distribution site
      • Data analyses and optimization of handling units
      • Optimization and automation of warehousing and the supply of raw materials and components to production
      • Implementation of a shop floor management system
      • Optimization of non-productive time, including optimization of set-up times
      • Enhancing the flexibility, modularization, and adaptability of production and logistics
      • Supply chain planning of module-based production networks
      • Assistance systems for logistics planning and control
      • A variety of seminars and speeches in the fields of logistics and supply chain management
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      Rüdinghauser Str. 50, D-44227 Dortmund
      Phone: +49 172 2059661
      Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Lier
      (Stand: 06/03/2019)

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