Steinbeis Consulting Center Intercultural Competences


Europe-Latin America Cross-Culture Business Ventures

  • Consulting and comprehensive support in the creation of successful business models
    • Assessment of requirements and prerequisites of potential clients
    • Analysis of competences required for the internationalisation of companies
    • Analysis of market potential; consultancy according to target region and economic sector
    • Intercultural evaluation and adaptation of business strategy according to target market
    • Analysis of regulatory framework and specific legislation
    • Design of products, services and value chains
    • Marketing mix
    • Commercial strategies
    • Communication concepts
  • Comprehensive support for launching business ventures and developing markets in the languages of stakeholders where intercultural hindrances exist
    • Networking, mediation and moderation between business partners
    • Establishing and promoting relationships with clients, keeping fluid communication with lawyers, trustees, ministries, authorities, research institutions, colleges, universities, chambers, development banks, among other decision makers
    • Promoting sales by attending meetings with/visits to clients, organising training events and courses as well as reference visits, and managing sales staff
    • Operational and managerial support and on-site assistance for trade fairs and other professional and marketing events
    • Development of "Sales as a Service" models
    • Incorporation of subsidiaries and joint-venture companies in the target region
  • Project-specific knowledge and technology transfer
    • Advice on the development and implementation of technology transfer concepts
    • Translation of technical and legal documents, certification of accuracy
    • Design and implementation of tailored training measures as well as reference visits
    • Building the capacities of companies and technical staff from municipalities and authorities
    • Support in the development of value chains for Latin American products aimed at the European market

Key Areas

New business models for the internationalisation of production systems, and promotion of global, integrated and flexible partnerships with a focus on:

  • Water management
  • Renewable energies
  • Waste management
  • Green Economy
  • Life Science
  • Food value chains
  • Sustainable Building
  • Security Technology
  • IT and digitalisation

Project Examples

  • Internationalisation in Latin America (Security company, "Hidden Champion" from Bavaria)
  • Latin America sales strategy (Equipment manufacturing, "Hidden Champion" from Baden-Württemberg)
  • National/foreign sales strategy (Ecological plant equipment manufacturer from Germany)
  • Positioning as a world-class export company (Leading dairy company across Latin America)
  • Management system (quality, food safety, environment and occupational safety) (Uruguay operations of a multinational beverage manufacturer)
  • Quality and food safety management system (Argentina operations of a multinational food company)
  • Chemical laboratory management system (Uruguay operations of an international mining company)
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Thannhauserstrasse 33, D-79114 Freiburg
Phone: +49 761 514 60802
Management: Dipl.-Pharmazeutin Ana Silvia Borgno
Dipl.-Ing. Victor Mathias Kasek
(Stand: 02/16/2021)

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