Steinbeis Consulting Center Applied and Structural Building Physics


  • Scientific advisory services
  • Structural design and planning
  • Simulation calculations
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Expert reports

Key Areas

Specialist field: new and existing buildings

  • Structural glass construction/glass facade technology/structural design and planning of glass facades
  • Thermal assessment of building envelopes/building design/energy-saving construction
  • Applied building physics in coordination with all aspects of engineering design and all building/construction components
  • Computer fluid demonstration (CFD) – simulation (simulation calculations)
  • Isothermal computation (simulation calculations, 3D)
  • Infra-red analysis (thermograms and analysis)
  • Building physics and building analysis (actual vs. target, U-values)
  • Connection planning of construction materials, windows, sunshades, doors, sunrooms/garden conservatories, and overall buildings (new and existing)
  • Assessment of building physics for planning purposes (preventative diagnostics and notes)
  • Laser scanning – building documentation (data gathering and data evaluation, BIM)
  • Assessment and official reports (expert assessment)
  • Videoscopy/borescopes

Specialist area: thermal energy/dampness/sound/fire/climate

  • Evaluations/assessments
  • Evaluation of building physics correlations with building envelopes (new and existing buildings/troubleshooting)
  • Expert assessments and reports in the field of glass technology, window technology, door technology, sunroom/garden conservatory construction, glass facade technology, and applied building physics, acting as a publicly appointed and official expert witness for the Mannheim chamber of craft industries (Rhein-Neckar-Odenwald)
  • Facade planning as a facade constructor
  • Energy assessment of buildings (Section 21, German Energy Saying Ordinance/EnEV)
  • Isothermal computation/isothermal analysis
  • Laser scanning for building data documentation
  • Construction assessment of building physics
  • Expert reports as part of existing buildings
  • Non-destructive damage analysis/borescope/videoscopy

Project Examples

    • Large number of official court assessments    
    • Evaluation of the facade construction of the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe
    • Evaluation of the Zlote Tarazy complex in Warsaw     
    • Evaluation in Mincing Lane, London (UK)
    • Stuttgart Art Museum
    • Eichbaum Brewery, Mannheim
    • Duisburg Police Department
    • DRV-Schwaben buildings, Augsburg
    • University buildings, Mannheim
    • University library, Mannheim
    • Police headquarters, Rastatt
    • WEG, Leipzig
    • Fire protection facade on building in Germersheim
    • Grey-Ahad, Isle of Man 
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    Alte Bahnhofstrasse 45, D-69168 Wiesloch
    Phone: +49 6222 7721978
    Management: Prof. Dr. h.c. Klaus Fritz Layer
    (Stand: 03/29/2023)

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