Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Integrated systems and digital transformation (ISD)


  • (Embedded) software development and quality assurance
  • Automation of manufacturing process (e.g. with robots PLC systems)
  • Planning and implementation of QC concepts
  • Continuing professional development in the field of the internet of things (IoT)
  • Concept development for embedded software solutions
  • End-to-end systems development and reliability testing
  • Development of algorithms for smart products, including through the use of artificial intelligence

Key Areas

    • (Embedded) software development
    • Automation of manufacturing processes
    • Quality management
    • Internet of things and services (IoT)/industrial IoT (IIoT)
    • Staff training for specialists and managers in the field of IoT
    • Systems development (hardware and software)
    • Artificial intelligence for use in product and manufacturing development

    Project Examples

    • Experimentation into the current status of manufacturing automation, drafting of a concept on further possible automation (e.g. preventative machine maintenance)
    • Data analysis (big data) aimed at improving manufacturing processes
    • Development and implementation of an algorithm for preventative maintenance procedures Comprehensive system development (sensory analysis, assessment, visualization, overriding the overarching system) plus assistance in system development 
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    Ausfeldstr. 21, D-99880 Waltershausen
    Phone: +49 3622 208334
    Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Döbel
    (Stand: 03/16/2021)

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