• All fields of innovative company management
  • All areas of the European Model for Business Excellence (of the EFQM)
  • Business process management, company development
  • Internet and intranet applications in quality and environmental management
  • Methods for process improvements such as QFD, FMEA, DoE, SPC

Key Areas

  • Companywide implementation and support on TQM projects:
    e.g., continuous goal development processes, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing motivation, tackling deficits in management, introducing measures to improve company image
  • Business process management:
    e.g., order process optimization and process management, target-oriented use of company resources, management guides
  • Set up of structured processes and holistic management systems:
    e.g., target- and customer-oriented management and work systems which take all necessary standards such as quality management ISO 9000, environmental management ISO 14000, ecological auditing SCC, HACCP, VDA6 etc. into account
  • Quality engineering, methods for continuous innovation:
    e.g., all methods applicable to the planning and development phases: QFD, TRIZ, FMEA, DoE, PAPP etc.
    All methods of the manufacturing phase: FMEA, SPC, PreControl, Eco Auditing, materials flow analyses etc.
    All methods of the life cycle phase: Weibull, LyfeCycleAnalysis etc.
  • Active problem solving in a team:
    e.g., solutions to design and technological problems in the optimization of products and processes


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