Steinbeis Transfer Center Aequalitas - Social Justice Research & Reputation Management


    • Consulting on communication during legal disputes
    • Analysis of general opinion and public legal processes
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Development and implementation of CSR projects

    Key Areas

    • Communication revolving around risk, crises, and legal issues
    • Legitimation and justice research
    • Organizational consulting and strategy development
    • CSR projects and communication

    Project Examples

      • CSR projects: Mission Namibia, involving the internet-driven digitalization of Namibia
      • Campaign assessment: organ donor cards
      • Media and situational analysis regarding planned legislative changes affecting midwives in Germany
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      Nymphenburger Str. 20, c/o RA Schollmeyer, D-80335 München
      Phone: +49 89 38467029
      Fax: +49 89 61300-443
      Management: Prof. Dr. Lars Rademacher
      Ass. jur. Markus Schollmeyer
      (Stand: 11/08/2018)

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