Steinbeis Consulting Center Process- and Sales Consulting


  • Know-how sharing in the field of sales for public-sector clients/the state sector
  • Advisory services for bidding companies on reorganizing an existing public sector sales function (process-centric best practice approach, including methods affecting procedures, estimating expenditures, and scheduling factors)
  • Advisory services for bidding companies on the optimization of an existing public sector sales function (goal: a setup and procedures to deliver sustainable impact, with a strong focus on underlying processes)
  • Drafting of implementation concepts at bidding companies for the sustainable implementation or optimization of a public-sector sales function
  • Training and advisory services for people working in sales in the public sector, as well as supporting functions such as commercial sales departments, etc.
  • Advisory services for clients in the public sector on the optimization of a process for submitting RFQs (goal: an approach with a strong focus on processes)
  • Support for public-sector clients, in particular with the management of RFQ documentation, with a focus on successful implementation (...does a provider of the required service even exist? ...will the favored RFQ procedure result in the best possible outcome? ...does the RFQ documentation match the anticipated market structure of bidders, SMEs vs. corporations, etc?)
  • Support and advisory services for bidding companies with specific RFQs (e.g. overarching project management, drafting of proposals, involvement in bidding teams, etc.)
  • Support and advisory services for public-sector clients with specific RFQ projects (e.g. overarching project management, drafting of tender documents, involvement in bidding project teams, etc.)
  • Services relating to the outsourcing of public-sector sales functions, i.e. detailed running of the complete sales mandate as an external public-sector sales function for bidding companies – also on an interim basis
  • A range of services revolving around the outsourcing of specific aspects of public sector sales and marketing
  • Running of training courses and information days for bidding companies
  • Running of training courses and information days for public-sector clients
  • Consulting and services in the field of process consulting (with a focus on information management)
  • Consulting and services in the field of business development

Key Areas

    • Process-centric sales consulting
    • Applied advice on RFQs and contracting
    • Sales in the public sector/sales for public clients
    • Process consulting and analysis
    • Business development
    • Sales consulting

    Project Examples

      • Official financial administration in Germany: Management of front-line internal and external project teams involved in a bidding alliance, i.e. control and active support of sales units responsible for bids during a variety of RFQ procedures; detailed planning of bidding tactics; detailed planning of a pricing and licensing model for use in all states of Germany, advisory services on concepts for all partners involved in the project.
      • Official judicial administration in Germany: Working in collaboration with the client’s in-house technical project manager, the chosen system was continuously updated and improved. Preparation, organization, and implementation of required bidding processes.
      • Service provider of a former state-owned enterprise: Advisory services on the development of a concept for a data collection system, plus support with the organization and implementation of the chosen bidding process for introducing a data monitoring system across different locations.
      • Public health insurance in Germany: Advisory services on the development of a concept for implementing a technology migration. As part of the project, a process assessment was conducted, including process modeling according to BPMN 2.0, as well as the implementation and preparation of an RFQ process.
      • State ministry of a regional government in Germany: Development of a concept and preparation for organizing a restricted RFQ process for the introduction of a state-wide scanning system.
      • Further projects: Successful involvement as a bidding company in a variety of RFQ processes. The RFQs involved competitive bidding, open and closed bids on a federal level, state level, and local government administration level, also overlapping with companies with a focus on RFQs.
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      Phone: +49 7531 454889
      Management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Meer
      (Stand: 01/10/2023)

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