Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG für Technologietransfer


The focus of this Steinbeis Enteprise (SE) is know-how and technology transfer between science and business, with the aim of boosting the overall economy. To this end, it carries out research and development projects with a bearing on business. 

In addition, the SE produces and markets products and services insofar as these are based on developments of the Steinbeis Foundation for Economic Development or businesses with a direct or indirect interest in the foundation. In such cases, the SE also manages projects, offers business consulting, and carries out a range of administrative tasks for dependent companies, especially relating to cash management, financial management and management of holding companies.

It operates in several related fields and businesses within its main scope, and can hold shares in other companies with the same or similar aims.

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Adornostraße 8, D-70599 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 1839-5
Management: Prof. Dr. Michael Auer
Dipl.-Kfm. Manfred Mattulat
(Stand: 04/01/2021)

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