Steinbeis Consulting Center Assets.Risks.Damages.


Seminars, training

  • Fast-track seminar material damage with test of entire unit as a whole „inspected person with specialist knowledge for determination of insurance value and material damage of Immobilien“
  • Risk and damage assessment: Complex training
  • Working in contaminated areas (formerly German BGR 128), certified by BG Bau
  • Construction technology for insurance company sales departments
  • Workshop on expert report processes
  • Restoration managers
  • Damage symposium
  • Seminars – classroom-based, online, or both
  • Seminars for external organizers (chambers of commerce, academies, in-house)


  • According to DIN standard EN ISO standard/IEC 17024 in the fields of value/risk/damage


  • Seminar notes as books
  • Concept papers: Organization and publishing, updates (e.g., instruction sheets on depreciation resulting from damage), instruction sheets on determination of insurance value

Research and expert report Projects

  • Research Projects
  • Technical and scientific expert assessment in the field of value/risk/damage


  • Tutorial on selection of representatives
  • Newsletters
  • Judgment collection
  • Training videos
  • Processing aids
  • SchadenBlog (damage blog) with literature recommendations and wiki
  • AGVGA faculty
  • (damage forum)
  • SchadenCloud (damage cloud)

Degree award: Value.Risk.Damage

Key areas

Training, certification, publications, research and expert reports in the fields of value/risk/damage

Project examples

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