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Steinbeis Innovation & Management GmbH specializes in strategy and innovation concepts for clients in the public sector. It is also a specialist in providing management and funding consulting services to companies. Its work spans two closely linked areas of focus:

  • The first area of focus lies in growth concepts, networking initiatives, and innovation projects for clients in the public sector, with the aim of bolstering Germany as a economic area in the long term and ensuring the economy retains its international competitiveness in the future. Managing innovations is a crucial factor in this respect.
  • Innovations also play a central role in the second area of focus, which involves the consulting of small and medium-sized companies. Steinbeis provides support in the entire innovation process within companies, from identification of R&D potential to market analysis, submitting applications for funding, the drafting of a business plan and the strategy, to market introduction.

Key Areas

Networking and innovation projects for clients in the public sector:

  • Management of collaborative networks as part of the central innovation program offered by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
  • Development of growth strategies and settling in/location concepts
    Analysis of the potential of innovation clusters; derivation of innovation Cluster
  • Control of municipal marketing processes
  • Implementation of strategies and flagship projects

Innovation and strategy consulting for medium-sized business enterprises:

  • Concept/innovation assessment
  • Financing and support of research and development initiatives
  • Marketing analysis; marketing strategies
  • Focusing the business strategy on an innovation-driven Enterprise
  • Business planning and coaching of startups


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

By pooling specific core competences, we can exploit the maximum potential to innovate (Transfer 2/2017)
An interview with Stefan Gaier, director of the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Innovation Management

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Eichenweg 36, D-76547 Sinzheim-Vormberg
Phone: +49 7221 3371-7
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Stefan Gaier, MBA
(Stand: 05/04/2018)

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