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Climate change challenges our economy in many new ways. The climate is changing and the frequency of extreme weather events is continuously increasing.

Particularly vulnerable to these changes are areas like urban infrastructure, supply routes, public safety, and the health of the population. There are numerous examples highlighting how climate protection and adaptation offer the best means of prevention; at the same time, they are an investment in the future.

However, it is an enormous challenge - for cities as well as for companies - to find a professional entry point into climate protection and climate adaptation issues and to systematically clarify their own needs.

The Steinbeis Transfer Center Energy systems helps you prepare effectively and transformatively for the most important issues of the future. We support you with our profound experience, acquired through a large number of successful climate protection and climate adaptation projects.

For the kick-off meeting, we start by determining your particular needs and potential areas of action. This includes answering any of your questions regarding climate protection and climate adaptation. By joining forces with a variety of partners in our expansive network, we support you based on scientific standards, working alongside you in developing a made-to-measure plan for the future.

Key Areas

  • Municipal climate protection and district concepts
  • Climate communication (citizen information through press releases, expert lectures and the organization of events)
  • Municipal energy management as well as energy concepts and energy storage technologies
  • Funding advice on municipal climate protection and climate adaptation measures
  • Climate adaptation workshops aimed at providing information, sensitizing, and developing individual strategies

Project Examples

  • East Wuerttemberg Energy Efficiency Competence Center (since 2016): assessments of energy systems, organization/arrangement of energy consulting services, quality assurance for SME energy consulting services, measurement
  • Drafting of an integrated climate protection concept for the rural district of Heidenheim spanning all cities and communities (2016): analysis of the potential of renewable energy; scenario planning for energy systems; running of citizen workshops; planning of measures
  • Since 2017: setting up of a central support center for initiating heating networks on behalf of local authorities and SMEs: support of municipalities and SMEs with the preparation of energy concepts, quality assurance as part of energy consulting projects for municipal authorities; support of local authorities with economic efficiency calculations
  • Preparation of more than 20 funding applications, raising third-party funds exceeding €4 million, partly for municipal authorities or SMEs
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Blezingerstrasse 15, D-73430 Aalen
Phone: +49 151-56643892
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martina Hofmann

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