Steinbeis Innovation Center medicus horus


  • Applied research projects in the field of clinical medicine
  • Applied research projects in the field of health care
  • Concept development – therapeutic/healing architecture
  • Development of (intensive) medical treatment units

Key Areas

  • Medicine and medical technology (human-technology interaction/high-tech)
  • Medicine and health care (human-to-human interaction/high touch)
  • Medicine and health care in the context of the arts and philosophy/sociology and psychology

Project Examples

  • Successful development of a technique for assessing the quality of injectables in human medicine (monocyte activation test (MAT); 2010 approval, European Pharmacopoeia)
  • Ongoing MAT development for evaluating medical products (e.g., implants, extracorporeal circulation systems such as HLMs, ECMO, ECLS, kidney dialysis) and for risk assessment with breathing air (e.g., rooms/special areas supplied by air conditioning technology: intensive care ward/OR, aerospace and aviation  – e.g., air transportation)
  • Development of solutions for use in future intensive care (engineering and room concepts, logistics/organization and communications, the impact of space on people)
  • Initiator of a project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on the development of a brain-to-computer interface for patients with minimal levels of consciousness/in comas (CoMiCon)
  • Development of a wearable dosage and measurement device (continuous surveillance) for the differential diagnosis of insulin resistance, for use in the pre-operative prognosis of bariatric interventions (obesity, type II diabetes), including monitoring of heart surgery and intensive medicine
  • Development of a system for use in the online detection of blood clotting for patients in intensive care, particularly after heart surgery (used with extracorporeal circulation/heart-lung machine - HLM, ECMO, ECLS)
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Wildstrasse 6, D-89073 Ulm
Phone: +49 176 70997085
Management: Dr. med. Stefan Fennrich
(Stand: 08/30/2023)

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