Steinbeis Transfer Center Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


  • Scientific consulting and support with the use of natural refrigerants
  • Scientific support with the implementation of thermal energy storage systems
  • Assistance with the use of ice slurry
  • Advisory services in the field of solar cooling
  • Technology transfer in the field of energy efficiency programs involving cooling and air conditioning Systems

Key Areas

  • Natural refrigerants
  • Phase change materials (PCMs), particularly ice slurry
  • Energy efficiency of cooling and air conditioning Systems

Project Examples

  • Use of propane in commercial refrigeration
  • Scientific support with the conversion of a large kitchen at a university from direct evaporation of HFC refrigerants to propane with ice slurry and carbon dioxide
  • Solar cooling using steam jet chilling
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of the use of ice slurry for transportation refrigeration in light trucks
  • Design concept for vending machines using propane as a refrigerant, with a focus on reducing refrigrerant charge quantities
  • Assessment of a novel supermarket cooling concept using heat pumps
  • Development of a CO2 heat pump/air conditioning system for electric RVs
  • Evaluation of air as a refrigerant for cryogenic chambers
  • Various expert reports on refrigeration systems
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Erhardusstr.25, D-77836 Rheinmünster
Phone: +49 151 144 70230
Fax: +49 6348 959415
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Kauffeld
(Stand: 01/08/2024)

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