Steinbeis Transfer Center Medical Engineering & Life Sciences


  • Technology transfer and product development for medical devices and life sciences products (planning, concept & project management)
  • Market analysis for international technology marketing (B2B) in the field of medical technology and life sciences
  • Product commercialization support
  • Technology assessment, competitor- and product portfolio analysis
  • Consulting on creating strategic alignment and business focus
  • Expert reports
  • Training and professional development

Key Areas

  • Instrument-based analysis in life sciences applications
  • Molecular diagnostics, companion diagnostics
  • Molecular biology, protein analysis
  • Microfluidics, cell analysis

Project Examples

  • Investigation of current physical & chemical methods to determine molecular properties for a leading international manufacturer of optical components. Identification of product development opportunities for applications in research and diagnostics.
  • Compilation of a study for an international consulting firm on technology trends in Molecular Diagnostics and translation of findings into commercial opportunities in biomarker-based testing
  • Consultation on manufacturing technologies and quality control of sgRNA (single-guide RNA) for CRISPR Cas9 applications
  • Investigation of current methods for measuring affinity and kinetics of protein-protein-interactions (PPI)
  • Consultation of a leading international supplier of PCR, qPCR and c-DNA synthesis reagents on business development, competitive analysis & commercialization
  • Verification of the biological effectiveness of a UV-C-light based device for air sterilization


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

  • “Data must be properly protected” (Transfer 2/2020)
    An interview with Professor Dr. Tobias Preckel (Steinbeis Transfer Center for Medical Engineering & Life Sciences) and Professor Dr. Sascha Seifert (Steinbeis Transfer Center for E-Health Systems and Medical Informatics)
  • Need for speed (Transfer Extra-Ausgabe/2020)
    Solis BioDyne and Steinbeis collaborate to commercialize diagnostic reagents
  • “At the end of the day, the key consideration has to be what is best for the patient” (Transfer 2/2018)
    An interview with Professor Dr. Tobias Preckel, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Medical Engineering & Life Sciences, and Professor Dr. Sascha Seifert, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center E-Health-Systems and Medical Informatics
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Pfarrstrasse 6, D-76359 Marxzell
Phone: +49 7248 925 944
Management: Prof. Dr. Tobias Preckel
(Stand: 05/25/2023)

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