Steinbeis Consulting Center Business Start-Up and Corporate Development


  • Business start-ups
  • Succession planning
  • Business coaching
  • Corporate acquisition/disinvestment

Key Areas

  • Business start-ups
    • Testing and evaluation of business concepts
    • Feasibility studies
    • Drafting of business plans
      • Content definition (exact description of the business concept; marketing planning)
      • Business numbers definition and planning of different business factors
        • Turnover planning
        • Profitability planning
        • Liquidity planning
        • HR planning
        • Cash flow calculation
        • Capital requirement planning
        • Financial planning
    • Coordination and meetings with banks and investors
    • Post start-up coaching
  • Succession planning
    • Stocktaking and concept development
    • Determination of a viable business model
    • Determination of different business transition options
    • Support with business transition
    • Operational support after a company transition
  • Business coaching
    • Management support in business administration, organizational issues, and human resources.
  • Business acquisition and disinvestment
    • Stocktaking/analysis of current situation
    • Determination of legal, tax, and financial issues
    • Drafting of necessary documentation
    • Identification and selection of suitable partners for the acquisition or selling process
    • Business enterprise auditing (due diligence)
    • Contract negotiations and coordination of the entire process with all involved parties
    • Agreement between partners and signing of all transaction documents
    • Implementation of measures captured in writing and subsequent management/ownership changes
    • Follow-up support

Project Examples

  • Support for business start-ups in different sectors of industry
  • Planning and implementation of sales and expansion strategies
  • Market development inside and outside Germany
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Auf Leim 13, D-78166 Donaueschingen
Phone: +49 771 17516781
Management: Peter Rübsamen
(Stand: 04/01/2022)

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