Steinbeis Transfer Center Ecological Building Design


Energy strategies for buildings and urban districts (new buildings and restorations), including individual factors:

  • Competition consulting
  • Design consulting
  • Concept planning
  • Simulation
  • Export reports
  • Studies
  • Analysis of profitability
  • Monitoring

Key Areas

  • Climate-friendly energy concepts for buildings and urban areas (new buildings and restorations)
  • Heating and electricity supply concepts for buildings based on renewables
  • General planning of key factors affecting energy concepts
  • Proof of function for energy concepts involving dynamic thermal simulation
  • Analysis of profitability of energy concept based cost estimates
  • Cumulative energy balance
  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Planning construction monitoring for energy concepts
  • Consulting on individual factors affecting building energy supplies and energy efficiency
  • Planning and advisory services for optimized use of natural light
  • Continual measurement of indoor and outdoor environments

Project Examples

  • Planning of different energy renovation methods for a high-rise building with strong transfer potential
  • Energy concept and energy simulations of a day care center
  • Energy concept and energy simulations of a sports hall
  • Modeling and simulation of a housing district with residential buildings destined for restoration
  • Monitoring of a high-rise building following energy renovations
  • Analysis of the use of thermal storage capacity of buildings with the aim of stabilizing the electric grid
  • Interdisciplinary analysis of energy renovations and user acceptance with the support of communication planners
  • Export report for evaluating energy renovations carried out on several school buildings
  • Dynamic simulation of hotel rooms with the aim of planning air conditioning systems
  • Scientific support with the planning of renovations made to laboratory buildings
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Kantstraße 53, D-15366 Hoppegarten
Phone: +49 30 56588556
Fax: +49 30 56588557
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Sick

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