Steinbeis Transfer Center Integrative Safety


  • Assessment of materials for risk of fire or explosion
  • Safety analysis, assessments, and evaluations
  • Planning of strategic measures with a focus on protection goals
  • Knowledge transfer and skills training
  • Selection, modification, and adaptation of safety methods, concepts, models, and simulations

Key Areas

  • Operational reliability (explosion safety and ancillary fire protection)
  • Plant and process stability
  • Warehouse and transportation safety

Project Examples

  • Contractual research for companies
  • Development of a concept for an online seminar on “Ex-Machinery” for INDEX e.V.
  • Risk assessment in the process industry
  • Hazard and risk assessment for food production
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Reiterstr. 13, D-42105 Wuppertal
Phone: +49 202 439-2065
Fax: +49 202 439-3922
Management: Dr.-Ing. Alexey Leksin
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth
(Stand: 07/01/2020)

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