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  • Information about research and innovation programs in the European Union
  • Assistance with applications and the financing of projects
  • Support with searches for cooperation partners
  • Support with implementing research results and with transnational technology transfer
  • Hosting of conventions, conferences, information days, and workshops

Key Areas

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) was founded in March 1990 under an initiative spearheaded by the Commissioner for Europe of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Minister of Economic Affairs. SEZ’s core business activities lie in supporting companies, universities, and research facilities in Baden-Wuerttemberg with issues related to European research and innovation programs and cooperative technology projects. With offices in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, SEZ assists with the submission of applications and the running of interdisciplinary projects, as well as with partnerships, project management, technology transfer, and the development of innovation strategies.

It provides support to small and medium-sized companies on behalf of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, and Housing, also in close collaboration with the Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of Finance and Economics. It also provides support to universities of applied science and Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State Universities (DHBW).


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

“It’s About Making the Next Step” (Transfer 2/2021)
An interview with Dr.-Ing. Petra Pu¨chner and Dr. Jonathan Loeffler, Entrepreneurs at Steinbeis Europa Zentrum
How the Circular Economy Boosts Innovation and Sustainability (Transfer 2/2021)
Introducing circular flow concepts to the economy
NetworkNature: Connecting Experts for Climate Protection and Sustainability (Transfer 1/2021)
Steinbeis offers platform for exchanging views on nature-based solutions, projects, and best practice
Editiorial (Transfer 1/2021)
The Green Deal and “From Farm to Fork”: EU Strategies for Improving the Food System and Biological Diversity (Transfer 3/2020)
Team at Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum provides support with submitting applications to the EU
How to Keep Old Machines Going (Transfer 2/2020)
EU project uses smart factories and closed loop strategies to extend the life of machines
Cooperation Rather Than Confrontation (Transfer 2/2019)
Steinbeis experts look into different ways to dovetail technological and social innovations
The role played by smart cities as innovation hubs for cities and regions (Transfer 1/2019)
Steinbeis experts create innovation processes for EU projects
The Other View on Innovating (Transfer 1/2018)
Tap into diversity with the Competence Explorer!
Innovations Promote Sustainability in Forestry (Transfer 1/2018)
The Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) acts as partner in the project Forwarder2020
A Passionate European Passes the Baton (Transfer 1/2018)
Change of leadership at the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum and the office of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Commissioner for Europe
Research Spotlight: Smart Energy Storage for energy self-sufficiency on the Island of Borkum (Transfer 4/2017)
The NETfficient EU project develops smart energy management and efficient energy storage solutions
The Journey to New Key Enabling Technologies (Transfer 4/2017)
The SEZ is working as a partner on two EU projects: NUCLEI and KETGATE
Committed to Future Forms of Production (Transfer 2/2017)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum runs a support center for the Vanguard Initiative in Baden-Wuerttemberg
Smart Cities: Integrated Solutions for Smart Cities (Transfer 1/2017)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum shares results of European projects
Innovation models for the manufacturing and processing industry in Central Europe (Transfer 1/2017)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum acts as partner on NUCLEi project
Light is so Illuminating! (Transfer 4/2016)
Children and adolescents get to know a key technology: photonics
Communication Platform Revolving Around Smart Components (Transfer 4/2016)
SEZ coordinates international network
DanuBalt Optimises Application of Research Findings in the Baltic and Danube Region (Transfer 3/2016)
Steinbeis takes the lead in the EU funded initiative
AGRIFORVALOR: Bringing added value to the agriculture and forest sector by valorizing sidestreams (Transfer 3/2016)
SEZ leads this EU project
Rare Earth Metals in Strong Demand (Transfer 2/2016)
EU projects aims to optimize hard magnetic materials
DRAGON STAR Plus Helps Promote Sino- European Collaboration (Transfer 2/2016)
EU initiative to foster policy dialogue on science and technology
“Companies now face huge challenges in international competition” (Transfer 1/2016)
An interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Norbert Höptner, the Commissioner for Europe of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Finance and Economics and Director of Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum
Pooling Competence (Transfer 1/2016)
Steinbeis sets up platform to provide SMEs with access to key enabling technologies in Europe
Today’s Building, Tomorrow’s Smart Energy District (Transfer 4/2015)
Steinbeis experts support sustainable city development
Innovation Management at SMEs: Implementing New Concepts and Preparing Ideas for Markets (Transfer 4/2015)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum provides support with the development of future strategies
Paving the road towards Exascale Computing (Transfer 3/2015)
A project team works on improving the energy efficiency of supercomputers
Seeing the Light with Photonics4All (Transfer 3/2015)
Steinbeis coordinates EU project promoting optical technologies
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum Marks 25 Years (Transfer 3/2015)
Steinbeis experts help SMEs navigate their way through funding programs and implement projects and innovations
Research and Innovation Cooperation Across Borders (Transfer 2/2015)
Steinbeis supports the Science Offensive of the Trinational Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine
Steinbeis training course in EU funding applications (Transfer 2/2015)
Certificate in “The basics of application submissions”
Smart solutions for the city of the future (Transfer 2/2015)
Steinbeis takes part in EU TRIANGULUM project
Tuning Tunesia’s Innovation System to Steinbeis (Transfer 1/2015)
Steinbeis experts join forces in the country to set up a transfer system
The Road to Europe 2020 (Transfer 1/2015)
SEZ works on “Good Practices” in the internationalization of business clusters in the Alpine region
Giant Steps Toward Transport with No Carbon Footprint (Transfer 4/2014)
Steinbeis works as partner on EU project MobyPost
Plug&Produce – an Innovation Enters Production (Transfer 3/2014)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum works as a partner on the EU project I-RAMP³
IMMODGEL: Innovative Systems for Use in Immune Modulation with Implants (Transfer 3/2014)
Steinbeis collaborates on EU project
Ingenious technology mix of different renewable energy sources (Transfer 2/2014)
Award for an augmented reality app called Smart Cities
Balance between research, innovation and education – the approach favored by KIC InnoEnergy (Transfer 2/2014)
A sustainable energy model for Europe
Spreading innovation with green packaging (Transfer 2/2014)
Steinbeis is coordinating the EU’s Danube PIE project
HORIZON 2020 – the new European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Transfer 1/2014)
TRANSFER talks to Professor Dr. Norbert Höptner
Biological membrane reactors improve water purification (Transfer 1/2014)
Steinbeis is partner in the EU project BioNexGen
Fit for Health (Transfer 4/2013)
Steinbeis assists companies with EU research cooperations for public health
Innovation for SMEs (Transfer 4/2013)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum awarded prize by innovation network
Traditional Organ Building Meets Modern Science (Transfer 4/2013)
Kick into market (Transfer 3/2013)
The “KIC Innoenergy” innovation platform gives its backing to a sustainable energy concept
Environmental protection at a profit (Transfer 2/2013)
Savings through resource efficiency in surface technology
In the future, how do we want to build and live? (Transfer 3/2012)
CONCERTO provides models of energy-efficient construction and renewable energy usage
European research funding: where next? (Transfer 2/2012)
“Horizon 2020” – defining the direction of future EU funding
Scientists call for a quota for women (Transfer 2/2012)
SEZ discusses equal opportunities for men and women in research
Let the music play (Transfer 1/2012)
Europe’s organ builders use a research organ constructed in Leonberg for testing
MaPEeR SME: strengthening medium-sized companies (Transfer 4/2011)
Ways to match research funding programs more closely to SMEs
An adhesive that the industry is stuck on (Transfer 3/2011)
Special glue from Baden-Württemberg shakes up the market
Uncovering potential (Transfer 2/2011)
Material efficiency and energy optimization in metal processing
Technology foresight for optical technologies (Transfer 1/2011)
Roadmaps to assist SMEs in product development and strategic planning
Female Ambassadors for female entrepreneurship (Transfer 1/2011)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum encourages more women to set up companies
Business strategies based on internationalisation (Transfer 4/2010)
The Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs set up partnerships
Supporting SMEs in the transport sector (Transfer 3/2010)
POSMETRANS: an EU project to analyze innovation policies for SMEs
A network for bio-active plant ingredients (Transfer 3/2010)
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum coordinates a consortium

Yearbook Steinbeis Foundation´s Transfer Award – Löhn Award

Traditional Organ Building Meets Modern Science (Löhn Award 2013)



Traditional Organ Building Meets Modern Science (2013)

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