Steinbeis Consulting Center Medicus Munus


  • Consulting/support on the topics of leadership, change, reorientation, and issues with co-workers for people in positions of responsibility in organizations
  • The connecting of medicine/healthcare with art and culture. Numerous topics can be shared and brought to life using artistic mechanisms, through different genres of art at events (e.g. congresses, trade shows, in-house events, for customers)
  • Consulting and support in the development of projects with a bearing on healthcare issues: on an interdisciplinary level and with technology transfer – from concepts to development and application
  • Inquiries – even relating to highly individual requests, topics, or specialist areas – can be explored through dialog and advice can be shared on potential implementation

Key Areas

  • Support – from initial ideas to the development of concepts – with the medical solutions of the future as well as organizations in general
  • Training/staff development/support within organizations
  • Interdisciplinary networking of different disciplines with a bearing on entrepreneurial (medical) situations: development of new products and strategies
  • Art in therapeutic, medical contexts with the pianist Elena Fennrich and the dancer Stefan Dreher
  • The application of art, especially music and the design of high-quality, festive events (e.g. symposia, congresses, corporate events), for example to make a statement and share things about your organization

Project Examples

  • Drug safety: development to the point of introduction of the monocyte activation test (MAT) (human biosensor), including international validation and implementation in the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). Successful transfer of a market-ready technology to an international company.
  • Further development of the MAT for medical devices and air quality. Process controls, final inspection, and quality controls in use.
  • Initiated and consulting: CoMiCon project for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) looking at communication using a newly developed brain-computer interface (BCI) for patients in minimally conscious states
  • In between: art in discourse with intensive care medicine. Patron: Konstantin Wecker. A practical experimental set-up on the topic of intensive medical borderline experiences. Collaboration with Klinikum of TUM (Technical University of Munich).  Munich 2017
  • The gap before death. Eight days of art from and with palliative care, featuring eleven artists from different genres together with keynote speakers from the fields of medicine, philosophy and theology. Munich 2022
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Wildstrasse 6, D-89073 Ulm
Phone: +49 176 70997085
Management: Dr. med. Stefan R. M. Fennrich
(Stand: 08/30/2023)

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