Steinbeis Consulting Center Medicus Munus


  • Development and support with health-related projects on an interdisciplinary level, including technology transfer from initial concepts to actual development and application. Visionary developments for medical applications and health care.
  • Planning and running of education concepts, seminars, continuing professional development, and training for people working in health care or organizations in general.
  • Planning and delivery of projects with a social bearing by forging networks between different disciplines (medicine, science, law, philosophy, communication science, psychology, sociology, theology, music, and art).
  • Emphasis on creating links between human-technology interaction and human-human interaction.

Key Areas

  • Application and projects using biosensors for humans in the field of medical devices and quality assurance (parenteral products, medical products, air quality, the monocyte activation test/simulation of in vitro immune responses)
  • Development concepts focusing on future intensive care
  • Training/continuing professional development in health care
  • Networking between disciplines relevant to medical settings
  • Design of human-human interaction in hospital and medical environments revolving around human-technology interaction (e.g., intensive care units)

Project Examples

  • Development of a monocyte activation test (MAT) until ready for application (human biosensor) incl. regulatory implementation for injectable medicines
  • Ongoing MAT development for medical devices and air quality. Testing of air quality, e.g., in passenger aircraft to assess the risk of cabin air (fume events resulting in aerotoxic syndrome)
  • Development of presentational experimental design looking at borderline experiences in intensive care (social motivation revolving around existential issues in life, presenting typical situations faced in intensive care, with a focus on health care in a post-modern society and how to deal with people/patients during borderline situations in life), Munich, in collaboration with the university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar (TUM).
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Wildstrasse 6, D-89073 Ulm
Phone: +49 7531 3802072
Management: Dr. med. Stefan Fennrich
(Stand: 08/30/2023)

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