Steinbeis Consulting Center Socio-Informatics


  • Development, adaptation, and maintenance of software applications used in business process and tech management – turned into an amazing experience thanks to our unique product: VizGate []
  • Customized advanced training in the topic area of "Innovation Management / Business Innovation" - we have many years of experience and corresponding references in this area.
  • Development and testing of prototypes and proof-of-concepts for introducing new technologies – we’re passionate about prototyping.
  • The planning, assessment, evaluation, and optimization of how business information systems are used – let’s work together in maximizing user acceptance for your applications.

Key Areas

  • Business process and terminology management
  • Agile and conventional product/service development
  • Prototype development and customer testing
  • User acceptance management and user experience optimization
  • Business Innovation Coaching
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Oberer Sand 47, D-73252 Lenningen
Phone: +49 7026 3969942
Management: Prof. Dr. Kai Holzweißig
(Stand: 06/05/2023)

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