Steinbeis Consulting Center Demographics-based HR Management


  • Strategies for retaining specialists
  • Competence analysis to determine where HR development may be necessary
  • Aptitude testing including comparisons of job requirements and skills in order to optimize personnel deployment, implement profiling measures, and manage talent in personnel recruitment
  • Suitability analysis with the demand-competence tool

Consulting in the following areas:

  • Introduction of organizational work structures, job rotation based on mixed-age pairs within specific roles, drawing on work processes (REFA, MTM); document analysis and drafting of organizational manuals and quality handbooks
  • Introduction of agreed HR targets based on REFA and MTM organizational analyses
  • Introduction of job reviews for defining wage levels based on performance and the development of discretionary incentives
  • Introduction of ergonomic workplace design based on insights into ergonomics and occupational profiles
  • Outplacement consulting based on sections 110, 111 and 216a of Social Security Code III
  • Integration consulting based on sections 421 f & j and section 223 of Social Security Code III as well as section 28 and section 84 of Social Security Code IX

Regina Brauchler is a member of the Steinbeis Consulting Group Personal (SCGP). The Group is an association of experienced experts from various Steinbeis Enterprises who specialize in organizational and personnel development as well as personnel and competence management and cover a broad portfolio of services. Further information on the SCGP can be found at

Key Areas

Achieving profitability, employer attractiveness, and employability through:

  • Specialist retention
  • Demographics-based personnel placement based on aptitude testing (comparison of requirements vs. skills), skills-based personnel development, and performance- and role-based incentives, thus creating loyalty among employees (e.g., logging of total working hours, partial retirement, etc.)
  • Organizational development with individually agreed annual job targets, performance-based incentives, sensible leadership, and occupational health management
  • Sound, ergonomic workplace design based on scientific insights

Project Examples

  • Work analysis within the scope of operational demographics management, focusing on safeguarding employability and targeted placement suitable to different age groups, plus workplace health and safety protection for employees in healthy working environments
  • Development of an aged-based work analysis and planning tool
  • Study on the state of work design, design deficits, technical/ergonomic investment requirements, strategic work environment design
  • Expert reports on employee workloads in checking, cleaning, and packaging auto parts
  • Work analyses for an automotive supplier
  • Multivariate statistical assessments of work measurement and tasks analysis (AET)
  • Hazard analysis in a sawmill using EU checking software
  • Productivity studies in a hospital group
  • REFA studies for cost calculation in a mail order company
  • Study on “Assessment of the workloads of senior physicians on call”
  • Process analysis in a manufacturing company
  • Organizational projects in the field of work and time studies
  • Organizational and personnel development with task analysis and review before implementing a new management accounting model (cost-performance double entry book-keeping) including the development of an organizational manual and product catalog in a city administration with 250 employees
  • Organizational and ergonomic work design based on REFA and MTM work studies as well as aptitude testing (requirements/skills comparisons) in various companies in manufacturing, manual trades, retail, and services
  • Development, introduction, and validation of operational analysis instruments and standard processes with the aim of optimizing the placement of occupational groups including the implementation of analysis systems in a hospital group


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