Steinbeis Consulting Center Ino8 Germany


  • Reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • Improving the safety of leaning vehicles like motorcycles
  • Invention training
  • Automotive engineering consulting
  • Research and development
  • Licensing and commercialization
  • Technology transfer

Key Areas

  • Automotive
  • CO2 emission reduction
  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Novel insulation concepts
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Dynamic heat transfer optimisation
  • Variable compression ratio systems
  • Commuting vehicles
  • Balance control
  • Personnel development
  • Carbon free fuels
  • High energy density batteries
  • Real world fuel economy

Project Examples

  • Modification of a state of the art compact car with fuel saving technologies including verification of fuel economy, emissions, performance and cabin warm up in a full service engineering project
  • Development of fuel saving technologies dedicated to low cost scooter
  • Proof of concept of a novel balance control by modifying a leaning three wheeled scooter
  • Connecting SME’s and corporations with researchers in Australia and Europe
  • Connecting researchers with international industry led research consortia
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Hartstrasse 12, D-35708 Haiger
Phone: +49 2771 32553
Management: Dr. Frank Will

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