Steinbeis Transfer Center Smart Manufacturing Solutions


  • Sensor development
  • Prototype development of instruments and machinery
  • Automation of machines including pilot-plant scale production
  • Image analysis techniques, process and analysis of large data volumes
  • Flow simulation

Key Areas

  • Optical sensors
  • Test bench construction and mechanical engineering on pilot-plant scale
  • Automation
  • Software development and data analysis
  • Measurement data processing
  • Modeling and simulation

Project Examples

  • Development of a model-based diagnostic system for rotating machinery
  • Development and numerical calculation of a miniature steam turbine for exploitation of excess thermal energy
  • Development of innovative latent storage systems
  • Development of miniaturized medical sensors used in the visual determination of physiologic conditions (in-vivo/ex-vivo)


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

  • A Habitat for Digital Twins (Transfer 3/2021)
    A team of researchers from Mannheim expands the fundamental concept of digital transformation
  • Small structures in focus (Transfer 3/2020)
    A research team from Mannheim develops measurement technology for assessing structural and material differences on surfaces
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John-Deere-Strasse 81a, D-68163 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 76150891
Fax: +49 621 76150899
Management: Prof. Dr. Matthias Rädle
(Stand: 06/02/2022)

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